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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Free Antivirus And Security Software

We the people who use Windows are very unstable for virus. To get rid of this situation we use anti-virus, anti spyware, anti malware, etc. Most often we can't be able to purchase a good anti-virus and free anti-virus doesn't have all the options.  Such as although there are anti-virus + anti-Spyware, there is no options to lock malware, worm, trujan etc. now, I am writing about some security software which are better among the free antivirus. The availability and  some fairly described is as follows –

COMODO ANTIVIRUS:  It is now a new interface named Comodo Internet Security which is more featured than ever. Moreover Comodo Firewall is 50% better than any other Free Antivirus. Try to know about Comodo Internet Security and download.

THREAT FIRE FREE: This anti-virus software is effective against spyware, malware, worm, trojan, rootkit, Key Logger, and buffer overflow. It has a minor firewall also. Download it from here.

WOT (WEB OF TRUST): Download and use it as an extension to the Web browser, which will warn you about dangerous sites. It works in Linux, Windows, Mac operating systems, etc. How WOT works view this video and Download from here.


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