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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hide the hard disk of your Personal Computer

Sometimes it may become necessary when someone uses your personal computer. There may be some problems. For example, your personal computer may have something that you do not want anyone to see. As the solve of the problem you can keep your hard disk drive hidden or suspended, so that others can not see or access the drives.

How to do the work:

1.    Start Menu > Run write gpedit.msc than Enter.

2.    A window named "Group Policy" appeared.

3.    User configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Explorer Command.

4.    Many options appeared in the right sight.

5.    To hide the drives double click on " Hide these specified drives in My Computer”

6.    Select Enable in the new window.

7.    Below there will be a drop down menu. To hide any drive click on the drop down menu or to hide all drives select Restrict all drives than apply>ok.

8.    Now Go to My Computer see the drives are vanished.

9.    You can suspend the drives by following the same way.

    For this after double click on “Prevent access to drives from My Computer” follow the above 6 & 7.

10.    To return in the past setting select no configured when you are in number 6 option.


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